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About Moniri Medical


The Founder

Prof. Dr. Armin Moniri, father of 2 children, is an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) consultant from the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden and the founder of Moniri Medical. In addition to ENT, his clinical experience includes also psychiatry, internal medicine, anaesthesia, paediatrics and family medicine. He dedicated 2 decades of his life to clinical research providing better care and treatment for children and adult in the field of sleep medicine and hearing loss. He conducts research through an international cooperation, including several European countries and the United States. He has 3 patents for medical innovations and is a regular speaker at important international congresses. 

Who we are 

By combining innovation and care, we develop products that are safe, easy to use and affordable. We offer a non-invasive alternative for treatment for Secretory Otitis Media. Our products have high compliance even in young children and have proven to reduce number of required surgeries by 80%.

Why we’re here

Secretory otitis media is the most common cause for hearing loss in humans and the most frequent reason for surgery in children. The number of surgeries has been criticised for decades. The surgical treatment is costly and might envolve potential risks for the children’s health. In 2008, Armin questioned why > 90% of children in Sweden with secretory otitis media did not get any active treatment for their problem at all. Armin started to work on the idea of a safe and non-invasive treatment, which would reduce risks as well as costs, and increase the wellbeing of the children. By 2010, he had developed several prototypes that proved to be efficient in preventing approximately 80% of all surgeries in children with secretory otitis media.

Meet the rest of the team

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