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Non-surgical treatment of 

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Baro-otitis, known as ear squeeze refers to a damage in the middle ear cause by sudden change of atmospheric pressure, which may occur during a flight or diving. 
This is caused by a dysfunction in the eustachian tube. This condition is painful and may harm the middle ear structures.

Signs and symptoms

  • Ear pain

  • Ringing/buzzing in the ears

  • Dizziness and/or vertigo

  • Bleeding from your ears or nose


Diagnos with be done using an otoscope to examine the ear by a physician. Hearing test and tympanometry may be needed for diagnosis and follow-up.

Moniri® Travel

Autoinflation is a non-surgical method for normalisation of the middle ear pressure. Autoinflation (ear clearing manoeuvre) is performed by breathing out with the mouth closed and the nose pinched. However, most children and many adults are unable to perform this maneuvre and may need assistance for adequate middle ear ventilation. Moniri Travel allows for safe and efficient autoinflation by mouth and/or nose in children and adults. The air opens the Eustachian tube and a crackling sound is heard with immediate symptom relief.

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