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Moniri® kid is a fun and efficient way to treat secretory otitis media (glue ear) and avoid surgery.

Main characteristics of the device


  • Recommended by world experts as the first-line treatment for secretory otitis media
  • Easy and fun to use from the age of 5 years
  • Equally efficient as surgery in improving hearing
  • No side effects


The device can be used by children from the age of 5 years. Moniri® kid allows for performance of ear clearing maneuvers for opening of the Eustachian tube to normalize the middle ear pressure and the hearing.


The mask allows for performance of autoinflation by mouth and nose. Thanks to its design, the device is considered an amusing toy, allowing for successful treatment even in young children.


This device was developed during a PhD thesis at the Sahlgrenska University hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden. Clinical trials show that at least 80% of surgeries in children can be avoided after 4 weeks of treatment with adequate balloon pressure and maneuver with no reported side-effects.


How often and how should Moniri® Kid be used?


The treatment period lasts 4 weeks with 5-10 inflations per session twice a day. 
Start with low autoinflation pressure (blue balloon) during 4 weeks. If no symptom relief is achieved, change to high autoinflation pressure (red balloon).

Product parts


1x Connecting parts
1x Face mask 
5x Blue balloons (low pressure)
5x Red balloons (high pressure)
1x Moniri calendar and stickers (treatment monitoring)


Read the instructions for use carefully before starting the treatment.


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Moniri® Kid

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