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Moniri® Red Spare Balloons


Moniri® Red Spare Balloons only to be used with Moniri® medical autoinflation devices.


Main characteristics


  • Low autoinflation pressure
  • 5 x pressure tested medical balloons
  • Compatible with Moniri® medical autoinflation devices


This is a spare medical part compatible with Moniri® autoinflation medical devices.


Compatible products list:


  • Moniri® Baby
  • Moniri® Kid
  • Moniri® Adult
  • Moniri® Fly
  • Moniri® Face

Please read the instructions for use carefully before starting the treatment.

In case of allergies please consult your physician.
Contains latex.

GTIN 7350137250063

Moniri® Red Spare Balloons

SKU: 10106
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